Frequently asked questions :

  1. Question: Why are some blast hits not displayed on the map ?

    Answer : the raw blast output contains all the hits up to the number indicated by the user. However, only the hit sequences matching the similarity/date criteria are extracted from the blast output and displayed on the map.

  2. Question: How are the coordinates of the icons determined ?

    Answer : We use two sources of information to determine the location:
    1. the country, obtained from the meta-data file downloaded from the NCBI Influenza website along with the sequences;
    2. the information parsed from the fasta header of the sequences;
    Both sources of information are used to determine the GPS coordinates. As a last resort, if the parsed location cannot be found, only the country assignment is used, and a warning is issued in the info boxes related to the icons, indicating that the location of the icon is based only on the country name.

  3. Question: How often is the database updated ?

    Answer : The database is automatically updated quaterly.

  4. Question: One icon is obviously misplaced, what should I do ? ?

    Answer : This can happen if the location information could not be properly determined, or some ambiguities appeared. In that case, we provide a button in the info bubble linked to the icon, which the user can click to send us an email notifying the mistake.